Friday, 24 February 2012

Passion flower revisited

Rightly or wrongly I have decided to shelve the project that I started for the Bradford Textiles Society Competition. I don't have quite enough confidence in the concept, haven't got anything like enough drawing and I know that there is no way that I will have even one printed sample by the 16th March. Instead I have gone back to a previous design which you can see a couple of flashes of above. I have started by improving the repeat layout. The next step is colour separation onto Koda-trace. If  I can get a wriggle on I might manage a couple of printed samples in time.....we'll see. It's an exercise and an experience whatever.


  1. I can see why you have decided to usew this has all the graphic hallmarks that have proved successful with your previous Bradford competition entries!!!! Think you could have another 'winner' on your hands :-) Have fun developing the concept further and I look forward to seeing the end results (and the previous beautiful idea when you have more time...)!!!

  2. Thanks for that Chris. I have a lot to do before I can enter the competition but even if I don't manage to submit anything in time I can at least put my home printing facilities through their paces.

  3. Wow....have you set up a screen printing studio? Sounds great-I remember Henny buying a screen developing unit did you get one of those? You can print your own designs for cushions to sell if you want.....?
    Struggling with an extended essay proposal- not a lovely choice of anything we like our dissertation for Malcolm. I can pick 2 artworks but have to be able to view at least one (The Angel of the North for Post-Modern and to view I think, with Harlow family by Moore as my modernist choice) and they have to be related to a course theme (context/Modernity) and and two art history critical texts (Greenberg and Shapeiro-I'm hoping are ok) as well as to other main themes/critical debates -all to be covered eventually in 3,500 words aghhhhhhhhhhh
    If you like abstract geometrical works the DLI Durham is going to have an exhibition of a little known (but apparently first) English abstractionist-Stephenson. They have three lectures on Soviet Constructivism -where early 20th century avant-garde art (geometrical abstraction inspired by cubism) got involved with society (pre-Bauhaus),designing buildings (check out iconic Tatlin's toewer/monument to the third international-think you might like it /find it interesting) furniture and textile designs.

  4. I am pleased as it is a good starting point, get a wiggle on you can do it....As for Chris's comment we had talked about the DLI as a place to visit...