Sunday, 25 March 2012

Tree time

My friend Joanne and I went up to the misty North York Moors to draw and paint landscapes. We didn't get much drawing or painting done mainly because we couldn't see much (because of the mist) but we had a lovely time chin wagging and eating a picnic lunch. I enjoyed drawing the distant trees that sit  like little dark scribble shapes on the hillside. Here's one of the not so scribbley ones.


  1. So glad you enjoyed the day and did some outdoor drawing...

  2. Thanks Colleen. Yes it was good. You and I should have an out doors drawing session sometime.

  3. Took a Brasilian there for the views a few yrs ago and couldn't see a few yards in front of the car!!!!Such ashame as usually so beautiful...pinic sounds lovely though. Have you tried the Star at Harome?
    Glad you liked my garden photo's, it has been so nice to sit and enjoy it in the lovely sunshine we have been so lucky to have had over the last few days.

    I wonder if the newspaper cutting I sent has made it to you yet....didn't really know your address, so have mentioned areas/church/parks and gates on the address part!!!!!

  4. Hi Joy thanks for you kind words.I love your tree, it looks so innocent yet lonley. Are you trying to tell us something?