Saturday, 4 February 2012

Dwelling on Interiors UK

Still dwelling upon Interiors UK (must move on!).  Here are 3 scanned pages from two Industry Magazines, Interiors Monthly and Furniture News.  They make my fabric (I call it 'Bricks') look great but one very important thing that I learnt from the exhibition is that the majority of people have difficulty imagining a flat piece of textile design in any other context. You have to present your design in the way that you intend it to be used i.e. make it into a curtain or a cushion or apply it to a chair as Colleen Ellington did.


  1. I thought that your work at Interiors UK was brilliant Joy, don't be so hard on yourself!! :) x

  2. Wow Joy - your Bricks fabric design is fab and it looks great in this context. It's retro but so original too. I'm sure people would buy it - come on John Lewis!! Joanne xx